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-Never has it been so easy to learn AutoCAD 2004 for Architects.
-No expensive classroom training courses.
-No hard to follow books to read.
-Learn from your own desk at a pace that suits you.
-High quality affordable training that is easy to use and follow.
-Use our unique training method; it makes learning easy no matter what your -learning style.
To view the Free Tutorials listed below, you must have QuickTime installed. Please note that the online free samples have been compressed for quicker streaming. Purchased CDs have higher sound and video quality.

Monitor resolution needs to be set to at least 1024 * 768 to view the entire movie.

AutoCAD 2004 for Architects


AutoCAD and Architecture
The GUI and Windows
Customizing the Interface
Drawing Lines
Starting a New Drawing
Saving a Drawing

Practice Drawing

Drawing Straight Lines
Modify Commands
Zoom Commands
Pan and Zoom Features
Selecting Objects/Entities
Develop Drawing Style

Creating an Architectural Drawing - Method A

Sketch File
Format Units and Point of Origin
Drawing Exact Length Lines
Save and Offset Lines
Copy Lines and Object Snap
Using Object Snaps
Save and Trim Command
Trim and Undo
Fillet Command
UCS Icon and Distance Command
Circle and Move Command
Line and Trim Command
Drawing Comments and Close File

-To view the rest of tutorials listed below you must purchase tutorials software.For more info click here-

Printing a Drawing - Part I

Basic Printing Features
Review Printing and the Scale Factor

Creating an Architectural Drawing - Method B

Common Steps and Regen Command
Modifying Lines
Extend Command
Mirror Command
Rotate Command

Introduction to Layers

Drawing a Kitchen Table
Introduction to Layers
Creating Entities and Layers
Layer Properties
Modifying Entities and Layers
Polar Tracking and Mirror Command
Express Tools: Layers
List Command and Layer Standards

Drawing with Layers and Linetypes

Creating a Sketch and Drawing a Kitchen
Creating Layers
Drawing Techniques
Continue Drawing and Modifying
Drawing the Window
Drawing the Door
Drawing the Cabinets
Drawing the Refrigerator
Drawing the Sink
Drawing the Stove


Formatting the Linetype
Modifying Lines
Autosave Feature and Closing the Drawing

Hatch Patterns

Adding a Hatch Pattern to the Floor
Adding a Hatch Pattern to the Walls
Modifying a Hatch Pattern
Using Snapbase when Hatching

The Architectural Scale Factor

What is the Scale Factor?
Calculating the Scale Factor - Three Methods
Calculating the Scale Factor - Two Methods
The Scale Factor Chart


Preparing a Sketch and Formatting Text
Drawing Text Using the Scale Factor
Modify Text Location
Object Snap Tracking
Text Properties
Dtext and Mtext


Anatomy of a Dimension
Formatting a Dimension Style
Entering Values for Dimension Style
Entering Values Continued
Drawing Dimension Lines
Editing Dimension Lines
Continuous Dimensions
Creating a New Dimension Style
Dimensioning Tips

Creating Blocks and Wblocks

What are Blocks and Wblocks?
Creating a Block
Inserting a Block
Redefine a Block
Creating a Wblock
Inserting a Wblock
Purging Block Definitions
Using DesignCenter to Insert Blocks/Wblocks


Creating Polylines
Creating a Border Using Polylines
Adding Text
Stretch Command

Model Space and Paper Space

Purpose of Model Space and Paper Space
Composing the Final Drawing - Model Space
Composing the Final Drawing - Paper Space
Psltscale System Variable

Printing a Drawing - Part II

Printing the Final Drawing Using Plot Styles
Printing Options
Model Space and Paper Space Printing


Final Words on AutoCAD
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